Day 52 (Mar 31, 2011) Master Blaster

Sachin caught candid after the glorious win yesterday!
It's "eat cricket..drink cricket..sleep cricket" at home right now...


Day 51 (Mar 30, 2011) World Cup Semi Final

We graduated from Tv to Projector for the big match. I set it up last night, it better be a good match!



Mar 29, 2011 -Day 50 Milestone

Feels good to cross a tiny milestone :)


Day 49 (Mar 28, 2011) Souvenir

A cute souvenir from African Lion Safari on my table! I have a lion, Giraffes and Elephants for my company at office ;) 


Day 48 (Mar 27, 2011) Bangles

A peek into my bangle box :)
Color, color...which color do you choose?


Day 47 (Mar 26, 2011) Earth Hour

A small step for a better future. Let's all contribute today :)


Day 46 (Mar 25, 2011) - Bubble Tea

Yay!! India won the match yesterday. Doubled up my joy by having my favorite drink at the mall. It's Taro Slushie bubble tea. The tiny black balls at the bottom are tapioca (Sago, Sabudana in hindi)

Heaven :)


Day 45 (Mar 24, 2011) Snow in March

The snow is back and how!! Wish India bounces back in the same spirit today. Fingers crossed!



Day 44 (Mar 23, 2011) Splashing Wave

Posting one of the pictures from my blog header. Lake Ontario.


Day 43 (Mar 22, 2011) Temple Bliss

Last year Sri Sharadamba Temple was inaugurated here with grand celebrations. The beauty of the temple just left us in awe. The colorful and festive ambience lingers on my mind even today, when I see this picture.


Day 42 (Mar 21, 2011) The Ring

Have been holding off from posting this since a long time. But if I don't post it now, I will not move on. Have been trying to get a better shot all this while but was not able to get one.

Not an easy job to shoot jewellery! Phew...


Day 41 (Mar 20, 2011) Supermoon

The gorgeous supermoon that I chanced upon last night. The picture says it all! 


Day 40 (Mar 19, 2011) Pizzaaa

Enjoying a slice of pizza on a lazy Saturday afternoon...
Wish you all a very happy and colorful Holi!


Day 39 (Mar 18, 2011) Zebra

This is Mr. Zebra poking his nose into our Car at the Safari :D
Happy weekend everyone!


Day 38 (Mar 17, 2011) Cycle Stand

The cycles are out! Yay...the much awaited Spring is finally here.


Day 37 (Mar 16, 2011) Bokehlicious Ganpati

This tiny Ganeshji sits in our car. I am so fond of Ganesh idols that I try to fit them in any possible corner :)
As for this picture, backlights of the car ahead of us made up that lovely bokeh. Love love love it!

Jai bolo Ganesh Maharaj ki !!!


Day 36 (Mar 15, 2011) Christmas Decor

This was taken last Christmas in one of the malls! Do you see Santa ?


Day 35 (Mar 14, 2011) Blue Skies

Digged this one out from my 2008 albums. Luckily, that day we had the beach all for ourselves which made this shot happen. By the way, this lake is my most favorite picnic spot. Took my parents there last summer and had also been there when it snowed. The snow clad beach was eye-catching.


Day 34 (Mar 13, 2011) Zebra crossing & Umbrellas

Two pictures shot back to back, so close yet so different!


Day 33 (Mar 12, 2011) Lava cake

How about having a delicious chocolate lava cake today? Better than watching India lose the match!
Hope my words don't come true! GO INDIA GO


Day 32 (Mar 11, 2011) Train in motion

Life is nothing but a train journey! Very true in my case as I spend 10% of my day on train and that is where I think, contemplate, observe, muse and of course, take most of the pictures. Posting one such capture. Although the clarity is not up to the mark, felt like posting it , as I see a message more than the picture itself. Life brings with it a number of problems along but there is always hope that overrides the problems. May be it's just me but that's how I felt! Tell me what you see...

PS: Ironic to my thoughts, the train was actually moving backwards when I took this picture :D


Day 31 (Mar 10, 2011) it's raining

Today is a rainy day! Thought this picture would be appropriate to be posted today. Love the way the rain has made itself visible in the snap. This cherry tree stands beside our driveway. The tree blooms for only a week in Spring with lovely pink colored flowers all through the branches. It's a real sight to see.

Speaking of rain, thoughts about Indian Cinema crossed my mind. Our Indian filmmakers have used rain in a wide variety of ways. Some of the blockbusters are named after rain. There are many popular rain songs! Be it a romantic scene, the introducing-heroine scene, fight scene or emotional scene rain forms an excellent backdrop. Can't deny the fact that us Indians are crazy about rain and we indeed are true romantics at heart :)


Day 30 ( Mar 9, 2011) Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of my most favorite chats after Pani Puri. Yum yum yum....it turned out last week! And so the picture, this could be one of my best attempts on food shots.


Day 29 (Mar 8, 2011) Beautiful Elora

This is probably the first time I'm posting pictures on this blog, taken by my SLR camera. I know, I'm just too lazy to carry around that heavy thing everywhere. But, everytime I take it in my hands I realize how much I miss playing around with it.

These pictures were taken at Elora again. Couldn't decide which one's better of the two. So, posting both.

And before I forget, Happy Womens' Day to all the lovely ladies out there who have made this World a better place to live!


Day 28 (Mar 7, 2011) Picturesque Nature

Snapped these pictures somewhere around Elora, a tiny town with old world charm. The misty weather gave the smokey effect for my first shot.
When I was a kid, I always used to draw the picture of a house, trees and fence which looked pretty much like the second snap. Was pleasantly surprised to see my drawing come to life :) Except that it isn't a house, it's a horse stable. But then, what a coincidence!


Day 27 (Mar 6, 2011) Antiques

The weather was just beautiful yesterday! It was a warm 7 degrees accompanied by slight drizzle. Hubby n me set out on a long drive, destination unknown. I got some totally splendid shots which I will be sharing over the next week. Pretty excited to share them!

Meanwhile, here are some still life images from an antique shop I bumped into, on the way. The rustic ambience carries a strange beauty in itself. And the box in the second picture, has a lovely texture. Looks like a box of treasures waiting to be opened! It instantly reminded me of the Tijouri restaurant at Bengaluru where I treated my School, College and Office friends! A memorable reunion of sorts...:) The place had a similar treasure box at the entrance and a key in the menu card!
Oh, by the way, the mangoes are super yum!


Day 26 (Mar 5, 2011) Mangoes for Mango People

Fresh boxes of mangoes have arrived at the store today! Irresistible, I picked one for myself. Yet to taste them though. The mangoes are coming from Mexico, the third largest producer of mangoes after India and China! Did you know that mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and Philippines ? Ok, I got it from Wikipedia :)
Will surely let you all know if the taste is worth the post and information!


Day 25 (Mar 4, 2011) it's time to nap

After a long day's work, this is how most of us doze off in the train. An ideal nap time where the cellphones don't work (underground) and the gentle rocking of the train puts anyone to sleep in no time.
I took this shot yesterday. The sight was too tempting for me to let go off! I really like the vintage look of the train in this picture especially the bright red leather seat. This train is pretty old compared to the new lot.


Day 24 (Mar 3, 2011) Mirror on the wall

Just a random shot of a wall hanging at home, tried to make most of the mirror reflection.
The wall hanging, dancing couple idol and digital photo frame (seen in mirror) were all gifted by close friends for our house warming! Cherishing gifts...


Day 23 (Mar 2, 2011) Temple

This is the famous Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto. The temple has beautiful carvings in marble. The interiors look even more beautiful with colorful illumination. It's been around 4 yrs since the construction of this temple and the exterior marble has already started to look pale due to pollution.
During one of my visits here, I happened to see Mr. Azim Premji delivering a speech in the conference hall...a memorable moment, I must say.


Day 22 (Mar 1, 2011) Cupluck

Fourth day in a row and I still haven't won anything in the "roll up the rim to win" contest :( Last year was better at least, I had won free coffee a couple of times. Nevertheless, I'm still an ardent fan of Tim Hortons French Vanilla...Yummm!