Day 132 (Jun 19, 2011) Guess!

Autograph from none other than Shahrukh Khan ;) Meeting SRK will remain a special moment for me. With his attractive charisma, he is a true rock star! Very Down-to-Earth and sweet :)

Day 131 (Jun 18, 2011) My lil garden

The roses from my front yard!


Day 130 (Jun 17, 2011) Carrot Cake

Had this yummy carrot cake at a friend's place last weekend! Father's Day celebrations...


Day 129 (Jun 16, 2011) Idly Time

Had idly for dinner today!


Day 128 (Jun 15, 2011) 1800s Kitchen

Model kitchen at Ford Museum.


Day 127 (Jun 14, 2011) Lincoln's Chair

Can you believe it? Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while he sat on this chair!
Ford Museum, Detroit.

Day 126 (Jun 13, 2011) Old World

Appealing architecture!

Day 125 (Jun 12, 2011) Lavender Charm

Somewhere along the path spotted this unique flower.


Day 124 (Jun 11, 2011) Fountain

Outside Caesars Casino, Windsor


Day 123 (Jun 10, 2011) Detroit river

As seen from Windsor!

Day 122 (Jun 9, 2011) Make a wish

The tiny sparkling speckles in the fountain are nothing but coins!! :))

Day 121 (Jun 8, 2011) Shopping!



Day 120 (Jun 7, 2011) Lil Ms.Sunshine on my desk


Day 119 (Jun 6, 2011) Wah Taj

A miniature Taj Mahal that my in-laws bought from Agra and sent it all the way to us. Glad it reached safely!  


Day 118 (Jun 5, 2011) Key Bored

If only they could speak :D


Day 117 (Jun 4, 2011) Have you?

I have no clue why somebody would take an effort to put up a board of that kind in the middle of no where. Spotted this on one of the islands in Lake Ontario...Interesting!!


Day 116 (Jun 3, 2011) Mr.Rabbit

Oops...I saw a cute rabbit in my backyard! :)


Day 115 (Jun 2, 2011) Lavender

Trust me, this is not the color what it looks in real! This is in our walkway...yet to figure out the exact name of the flower...


Day 114 (Jun 1, 2011) Bunch of tulips

Welcoming the month of June with a bunch of tulips! They are almost gone for this season...except a few here and there.

Day 113 (May 31, 2011) Glass floor atop CN tower

Many visitors find it scary to walk on the glass floor!