Day 166 (Jun 27, 2013) Bangalore Palace

The palace looks beautiful and is being maintained well. Thanks to the high priced tour!


Day 165 (Jun 26, 2013) Doorway

Back in old days, the doorway entrance used to be smeared with turmeric, due to it's antiseptic and medicinal benefits. Now, the practice has taken to more of an artistic trend and beautification with lovely designs and colors.

In India, every home has some decor at entrance for sure. A creative corner for women :)


Day 164 (Jun 25, 2013) Bunny hop

Caught a bunny live in action today! 


Day 163 (Jun 24, 2013) As tender as a rose

The flowers have begun to show in our tiny garden! Sure brings joy to heart :)

Day 162 (Jun 23, 2013) Ceremony

Shot at a Ceremony in memory of hubby's late grandfather.

Day 161 (Jun 22, 2013) Over the rainbow

Rainbow over Niagara falls!


Day 160 (Jun 21, 2013) Pretty in pink

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Day 159 (Jun 20, 2013) Haliburton

Love at first sight!

Day 158 (Jun 19, 2013) Artwork at a restaurant

Not a great picture....the artwork looks lovely in real!


Day 157 (Jun 18, 2013) Roy Thomson Hall

Located in Downtown Toronto, Roy Thomson Hall is extravagant on the inside. Had been there for a movie premiere, sometime back in 2009.


Day 156 (Jun 17, 2013) Goddess Lakshmi

This beautiful little idol was gifted by my MIL. It sure instills a feeling of sanctity at home sweet home :)


Day 155 (Jun 16, 2013) Happy Father's Day!

To the most wonderful Fathers out there.......A very Happy Father's Day!

Day 154 (Jun 15, 2013) Jai Shri Krishna


Day 153 (Jun 14, 2013) Rising over the city

Sunrise at Hyderabad (Instagrammed)!

Day 152 (Jun 13, 2013) Colorful Beads

Day 151 (Jun 12, 2013) Vacation calling!

That is exaaaactly the place I want to be right now....sigh! 

Day 150 (Jun 11, 2013) Isla Mujeres

A teeny tiny island in Mexico, Isla Mujeres is roughly about 7 kms long and 2-3 kms wide. It certainly is one of the most beautiful islands with breathtaking views in every direction!


Day 149 (Jun 10, 2013) Mehendi

I love making designs with Mehendi! Love it even more if it's on my hands :)) This was long long ago, when I had the luxury of free time.


Day 148 (Jun 9, 2013) Musicians

Found these musicians lined up at a restaurant in Hyderabad! 

Day 147 (Jun 8, 2013) Niece's Cradle Ceremony

This was the decoration I made for the cradle ceremony of my niece. She is 3 yrs old now.....time flies! Lil Hershey had a similar deco for his cradle too...will post that one too sometime. 

Day 146 (Jun 7, 2013) Peacock Pendant

When I visited India a couple of years ago, I went gold shopping and came across this gorgeous peacock pendant. The very next moment it was in my kitty :D


Day 145 (Jun 6, 2013) Lake Moraine

Digging out an old picture from archives. This is one of my favorite pictures from Banff! Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Canadian Rockies, Glacier tour....it was a great nature trip. The emerald colored lakes were so enchanting that my two eyes weren't enough to relish nature's beauty. The only regret is that I missed a chance to canoe in Lake Louise. Would love to go back just for that :)


Day 144 (Jun 5, 2013) Swinging Glory

Lil Hershey refused to get off the swing yesterday! We had to pull him out finally while he continued to throw tantrums :D


Day 143 (Jun 4, 2013) Dessert night

Hubby and I have developed a sweet tooth of late. Last weekend he was craving for yummy crepes and there we were at a famous dessert joint right away. It takes a lot of effort and time to finish a single dish at this place! We took a good hour and a half to finish up these desserts. I had to nullify my sweet tongue with strong coffee sips inbetween. It was soo worth it.

On my side it's a hot dark chocolate brownie cake with vanilla ice cream and on the other side it's tiramisu icecream with crepe. Yummm. Little guilty pleasures in life :D  


Day 142 (Jun 3, 2013) First Birthday Party!

First Birthdays are always special.We hosted a party to celebrate my son's first birthday last month. The theme was Safari and Jungle animals as Hershey is fond of animals. There was a huge bouncer in Safari theme. The cake had little miniature animals. A balloon twister and a caricature artist added to the fun quotient. Kids loved it. Little Hershey was super excited looking at all the balloons. He totally enjoyed the party!


Day 141 (Jun 2, 2013) Flowers on the wall...err desk

My manager has come up with an interesting idea at work. Team members bring flowers for everyone in the team every week in rotation.

I think that works! Love the sight of flowers on my desk...lightens the mood :) Besides, the team members have gotten closer too!

These were the flowers last week. Waiting for my flowers today...Something to pep up the mourning Monday!


Day 140 (Jun 1, 2013) Etikoppaka

A treasured gift from a friend, this is an artifact from Etikoppaka, famous for wooden toys made with natural dyes.