Day 82 (Apr 30, 2011) Hubby's birthday!!!

Wish you a very happy birthday Sweetheart!


Day 81 (Apr 29, 2011) Tax filing

Had to submit my monthly train passes for filing taxes. Met a very interesting person who filed our taxes. He reminded us of our parents...glad to have met him :)


Day 80 (Apr 28, 2011) Entangled

My iPhone earphones get so entangled that I lose my mind trying to untangle it sometimes. How else would I keep the earphones in my bag without getting it all messy, no clue!


Day 79 (Apr 27, 2011) Fog is in the air

This is how my street looked this morning!


Day 78 (Apr 26, 2011) Rain is falling!

It's been raining since yesterday. Love this weather!


Day 77 (Apr 25, 2011) On the run

In speed...

Day 76 (Apr 24, 2011) Candy seats

The "candy seats" outside a candy store! Very creative way to attract kids :)


Day 75 (Apr 23, 2011) Kalasham

Colorful Kalasham with ethnic designs.


Day 74 (Apr 22, 2011) Mandir

Beautiful Ganeshji at a temple we visited yesterday.


Day 73 (Apr 21, 2011) Pastime

Continuing the topic, these are other things that people do to kill time!


Day 72 (Apr 20, 2011) Sudoku & Crossword Puzzles

One of the favorite pastimes for many people while commuting is solving sudoku and crossword puzzles. I like playing sudoku too :)

PS: Yesterday's post got 80 views in a single day. Shows how much all of us love food (read biryani)!


Day 71 (Apr 19,2011) Vegetable Dum Biryani

Prepared Dum biryani yesterday for 2 long hours. Luckily, my efforts did not go waste. It turned out well. This tried and tested recipe was shared by one of our family friends. Let me know if you want the recipe folks. I shall share it.


Day 70 (Apr 18, 2011) Funny Day

Yesterday was a funny weather day. Surprisingly, it snowed in the morning, followed by sunshine and then it rained towards the evening! Look, how densely clouded it was...


Day 69 (Apr 17, 2011) Bed light

The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew I wanted it :)


Day 68 (Apr 16, 2011) Peacock feathers

Decor at Indian Restaurant.


Day 67 (Apr 15, 2011) Swirling Coffee

Made myself a cuppa instant coffee last evening! Filter Coffee is one the million things that I miss being outside of India...

I stirred up the coffee and took this shot, hence the hazy whirlpool :)


Day 66 (Apr 14, 2011) Mistaken Identity

The dropbox outside a bank looks so much like a bin that the staff had to put up a notice! :D And the other dropbox says Wallets! Now, who would want to drop their wallets there!?


Day 65 (Apr 13, 2011) - Rectangled

Was hurrying back home yesterday, while this frame attracted me. What is unique about this picture is that everything is in rectangles!


Day 64 (Apr 12, 2011) - Water Bottle

My stainless steel water bottle that keeps me hydrated through the day!


Day 63 (Apr 11, 2011) - Fashionista

The 70+ yr old Fashionista that I spotted on train the other day! Her neatly manicured and painted nails, bright colorful clothes, beautiful hair-do and lovely makeup to finish, she was a natural inspiration :)


Day 62 (Apr 10, 2011) - Wooden Bench

Bench at the station. Admire the concern for old/handicapped even in the minute of designs.


Day 61 (Apr 9, 2011) - Birds Wall Sticker

I got this cute wall sticker yesterday, put it up on the wall this morning. Hubby says it reminds him of twitter! Couldn't agree more..:)


Day 60 (Apr 8, 2011) - Tomato Pickle

Prepared tomato pickle yesterday, it turned out a bit too spicy !! Planning to add more tomatoes to bring down the spice levels. Any other suggestions?


Day 59 (Apr 7, 2011) - Indoor Plants

The first bloom of the season inside my house :)


Day 58 (Apr 6, 2011) - Sunrise

After many cold days, the beautiful Sun rise brings warmth and energy. How about a Coffee to make the day perfect ?

Day 57 (Apr 5, 2011) - Rain Drops

Speaking of rain, what is your favorite rain song?


Day 56 (Apr 4, 2011) - Fireworks

This was shot on New Year's eve at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii !!


Day 55 (Apr 3, 2011) - Tricolor

World is the canvas for the patriot in me...Still basking in World Cup glory :)


Day 54 (Apr 2, 2011) We won!!!

The dream of 1.5 billion people was fulfilled today! We, the Indians are World Champions! A very well deserved, hard earned World Cup by Team India. Feeling overwhelmed and lucky to have witnessed the Outstanding Triumph of India. I am glad, I have a story to tell to the coming generations. What a match that was. Still not out of Cricket Mania....and don't want to be, at least for a week!

Watching the match all over again now! Oh Boy!!!

PS: The picture was clicked at the Victory March held here after the winning moments. There was a huge gathering and the patriotism was out of the world :)


Day 53 (Apr 1, 2011) The countdown begins

Eagerly waiting to see India lift the World Cup! Good luck Team India....

Also, it's my Dad's 60th birthday today....! Super happy...yay yay yay :)