Day 21 (Feb 28, 2011) Crispy Curry Puffs

Prepared Curry Puffs over the weekend! Turned out pretty well.
And now fighting Monday Morning blues...sigh!


Day 20 (Feb 27, 2011) World Cup Mania begins

There's nothing compared to the excitement of cheering India for the World Cup!
India vs England @ Namma Bengaluru!


Day 19 (Feb 26, 2011) Golden Bell

Beads & Bell...


Day 18 (Feb 25, 2011) Gloomy Route

A very gloomy day today!


Day 17 (Feb 24, 2011) Roses are Red

Roses are always a delight to the photographer's eye!


Day 16 (Feb 23, 2011) Passing Clouds

Yet another shot from Honolulu! Can't help it, I love that place :-)
I was lucky to catch a glimpse of sunlight, clouds, blue sky and mountains all at the same time.


Day 15 (Feb 22, 2011) Controlling Remotes

The circle of technology that governs life!


Day 14 (Feb 21, 2011) Ganpathi Bappa

One of my favorite shots this is.


Day 13 (Feb 20, 2011) Diamond Head Crater, Honolulu

The famous diamond head crater on Honolulu Island, shot from plane.


Day 12 (Feb 19, 2011) Shovel it up

During one of those heavy snow days...shoveling ain't easy!


Day 11 (Feb 18, 2011) Yellow Notes

Sticky Notes zoomed in!


Day 10 (Feb 17, 2011) Talking Feet

Talking of feet, here's one more capture with a different concept! Couldn't come up with an apt caption for this one. Any ideas?


Day 9 (Feb 16, 2011) Feet in love

Hubby n me were having an interesting chat about our feet yesterday. I love his feet more than mine as his feet are fair and look great on any choice of footwear, irrespective of colors. And he seldom agrees! I'm glad that at least he agreed to pose (Read "after a lot of persuasion")
'Happy Feet', aren't they?


Day 8 (Feb 15, 2011) Teddy

That's a Soft toy at Walmart waiting to be picked. Soft toys have been the ideal gifts for many occasions from time immemorial. Girls find it cute & cuddly which is why guys are ready to spend a bomb on the biggest/ cutest Teddy bears ever made. I remember myself gifting a monstrous Teddy to my niece. The look on her face - Priceless.


Day 7 (Feb 14, 2011) Valentines 2011

Hubby surprised me with this beautiful bunch of flowers and a small chocolate cake on the occasion of Valentine's Day!
Just another day to remind me how much I am loved. He always makes me feel special. That's why I love him so much :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Day 6 (Feb 13, 2011) Idli Vada Sambar

Yummy idly Vada combo dipped in sambar at a restaurant near home!


Day 5 (Feb 12, 2011) Freeze

The water dripping from roof has frozen!


Day 4 (Feb 11, 2011) RIP

A very sad day today due to the unexpected demise of my beloved Uncle, my Dad's elder brother. The grief is unexplainable. I'm falling short of words.

Peddhanaanna, you will be missed immensely. We all love you very much.

Sri G.V.Subrahmanyam



Day 3 (Feb 10, 2011) Pen point

With the advent of computers and other advanced devices, is the pen losing it's significance? I hope not!


Day 2 (Feb 9, 2011) It's Cold

The crowd silently fights the cold while waiting to board the train. The temperature was around -12 degrees. But there was sunshine too. Notice the sober rays from right side of the picture.


Day 1 (Feb 8, 2011) Graffiti

It's the graffiti on a goods train. Loved the collage of bright colors!


Project 365 beginning today!