Day 8 (Feb 15, 2011) Teddy

That's a Soft toy at Walmart waiting to be picked. Soft toys have been the ideal gifts for many occasions from time immemorial. Girls find it cute & cuddly which is why guys are ready to spend a bomb on the biggest/ cutest Teddy bears ever made. I remember myself gifting a monstrous Teddy to my niece. The look on her face - Priceless.


Sree said...

Hema, konchem sober template pick chesukovaa.. cluttered backgroundlo nee pic ekkado kalisipoyinattuga untondi.. hope you dont mind the comment..

Hema said...

Thanks for mentioning Sree :) I am posting from my phone, so was not sure how it shows up on PC. Glad you told me, I'll change it.