Day 23 (Mar 2, 2011) Temple

This is the famous Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto. The temple has beautiful carvings in marble. The interiors look even more beautiful with colorful illumination. It's been around 4 yrs since the construction of this temple and the exterior marble has already started to look pale due to pollution.
During one of my visits here, I happened to see Mr. Azim Premji delivering a speech in the conference hall...a memorable moment, I must say.


Unknown said...

Beautifully lit!

Sree said...

I love these structures Hema, chaala baguntay kada, silence is the key, one of the most serene places I have been to.

Sree said...

and having a glimpse of Mr. Premji.. :)... great!!

Hema said...

@Divya True, the temple looks beautiful in the night with all those lightings :)

@Sree Exactly! The ambience is so calm and serene, heart is at peace and content when I'm there..