Day 29 (Mar 8, 2011) Beautiful Elora

This is probably the first time I'm posting pictures on this blog, taken by my SLR camera. I know, I'm just too lazy to carry around that heavy thing everywhere. But, everytime I take it in my hands I realize how much I miss playing around with it.

These pictures were taken at Elora again. Couldn't decide which one's better of the two. So, posting both.

And before I forget, Happy Womens' Day to all the lovely ladies out there who have made this World a better place to live!


Sum said...

The first one is good
- it a nice depth of field
- the frame is nicer
- it is clarly focussed.
The second one, though nice looks like a plain shot, not from an SLR... :)

Hema said...

Couldn't agree more with what you said Sum! I took the second one to capture the rustic character of the stone wall beneath. Not sure if I would have got the same clarity/color composition if I had clicked it from my phone though :)

Unknown said...

Both pics look great. Love the combination of all the colors! I agree with you lugging the camera and lenses all around!

Hema said...

Thanks Divya! :)