Day 31 (Mar 10, 2011) it's raining

Today is a rainy day! Thought this picture would be appropriate to be posted today. Love the way the rain has made itself visible in the snap. This cherry tree stands beside our driveway. The tree blooms for only a week in Spring with lovely pink colored flowers all through the branches. It's a real sight to see.

Speaking of rain, thoughts about Indian Cinema crossed my mind. Our Indian filmmakers have used rain in a wide variety of ways. Some of the blockbusters are named after rain. There are many popular rain songs! Be it a romantic scene, the introducing-heroine scene, fight scene or emotional scene rain forms an excellent backdrop. Can't deny the fact that us Indians are crazy about rain and we indeed are true romantics at heart :)


Sree said...

cute capture..

Anonymous said...

First time here... what fruits are these? lovely color.

Sum said...

Nice click! Liked the new look of your blog too :)

Hema said...

@Sree Thanks :)

@Bharathy Thanks for dropping by! Those are a variety of cherries, I don't know the exact name. They are not edible though.

@Sum Thanks Sum! Finally found some time yesterday to revamp the blog. Now I'm happy :D