Day 27 (Mar 6, 2011) Antiques

The weather was just beautiful yesterday! It was a warm 7 degrees accompanied by slight drizzle. Hubby n me set out on a long drive, destination unknown. I got some totally splendid shots which I will be sharing over the next week. Pretty excited to share them!

Meanwhile, here are some still life images from an antique shop I bumped into, on the way. The rustic ambience carries a strange beauty in itself. And the box in the second picture, has a lovely texture. Looks like a box of treasures waiting to be opened! It instantly reminded me of the Tijouri restaurant at Bengaluru where I treated my School, College and Office friends! A memorable reunion of sorts...:) The place had a similar treasure box at the entrance and a key in the menu card!
Oh, by the way, the mangoes are super yum!


Sree said...

it has that old world charm.. so got it for Shagun??

Hema said...

I was just window shopping Sree :)